By I. Hininger-Favier · M. Osman · A.M. Roussel · L. Intes · B. Montanari

Source: Phytothérapie, February 2016, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 29-34

Oxidative stress, as a cause or consequence of insulin resistanceand overweight, is involved in the early steps of themetabolic syndrome [1] and increases the risk of pathologiesand oxidative complications such as cardiovascular diseases,diabetes retinopathies, glomerulopathies, or early cognitivedecline. Compared to Mediterranean diet, the western-stylediet has a higher content of highly processed and refinedfoods (i.e high sugar contents and refined cereals), a highconsumption of red meat and a lower content in fruit andvegetables, and it is associated to a higher risk of oxidativestress and insulin-resistance.