Ingredient of the year – Healthy Ageing: Memophenol™ by Activ’inside

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Based on recent epidemiological studies showing a direct link between polyphenols consumption & cognitive decline, Memophenol™ combines French Grape and Canadian Wild Blueberry extracts and was developed in the framework of a 4years international research program of €4.2 Million.

CRITERIA OF INGREDIENT OF THE YEAR – HEALTHY AGEING include Science, Innovation, Commerciality, Marketing, Markets/channels, Nutra pride(a contribution the nutrition world can be proud of).

Memophenol™ combines highly bioavailable French grape (Vitis vinifera) and wild Canadian blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) extracts, whose synergistic action is patented. The improvement of cognitive functions, especially learning and memory, has been clinically proven. Suitable for a wide audience, from student to senior, the solution Memophenol™ provides a body of scientific evidence and differentiating elements, ensuring product credibility and consumer loyalty.