Effects of oral supplementation and topical application of supercritical CO2 extracted sea buckthorn oil on skin ageing of female subjects

Source: Journal of Applied Cosmetology 27(1):13-25, 2009.

Objectives: Sea buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides) seed and pulp oil is known to promote skin regeneration, speed up wound healing and ease skin inflammation. The present study was carried out to investigate the anti-ageing effects of oral supplementation of a standardized supercritical CO2-extracted sea buckthorn oil and topical skin application of supercritical CO2-extracted sea buckthorn seed oil.

Design: Sixty female subjects of age 50-70 years were randomly divided into two groups, thirty subjects in each group. In one group, the subjects took sea buckthorn oil capsules, four capsules (4 x 0.5 g oil) per day, for three months. In the other group, the subjects applied topically sea buckthorn seed oil rejuvenating night cream on the face, twice per day, for three months. Skin hydration status, elasticity, surface roughness, luminosity and cutaneous thickness were determined using non-invasive instrumental measurements before, after one month and at the end of treatments.

Results: Both treatments significantly improved the skin hydration status and the overall skin elasticity of the subjects (P < 0.001). Oral supplementation with the sea buckthorn oil capsules resulted in decreases in the mean roughness (Ra) and maximum roughness (Rz) of the skin surface, indicating anti-wrinkle efficacy of the product. Topical application of the sea buckthorn oil cream increased cutaneous thickness, suggesting positive structural changes and improvement in collagen synthesis in the skin.


This is the first study showing beneficial effects of orally used sea buckthorn oil in reducing the signs of skin ageing. This is also an important breakthrough demonstrating the great potential of sea buckthorn oil in supporting the health and well being of healthy skin through internal use.