Source: Study conducted by Dr. Brian et al at University of North Texas and sponsored by Unibar Corporation, USA.

Unibar Corporation completed a 12 week human clinical study on CapsiClear™ at University of North Texas and with the following objective to determine the effect of 12-weeks of Capsanthin supplementation on biological and functional changes in a broad set of measures of eye and macular Health.

Study Outcome: For cumulate MPOD (macular pigment optical density), the 40mg/d resulted in improvement at 4-weeks and also the 40 mg/d group had additional increases at 8 and 12-weeks when compare to placebo.

After the retina is overloaded with a pen light (think response after looking at the sun), the ability to recover from photo stress is directly related to MPOD. Also, just like MPOD, 40 mg/d response is more effective than placebo. Light exposure and ability to read was performed. In this case a more negative number means a faster recovery time. The subjects were given a random passage of words that was matched to their measured visual acuity and asked to read the words as quickly as possible. The test was conducted with 1 random passage under blue flight and a second random passage under white light. In both cases the 40 mg/d condition outperformed the placebo conditions. These are direct measures of reading performance under different light conditions.


These results display significant improvements to vision performance through the supplementation with CapsiClear™.